Share the Road

sharetheroadThe Hotter’n Hell 100 is fast approaching which means the presence of more cyclists on the roadway.  The Wichita Falls Police Department reminds motorists to share the roadway and be aware.  Here are a few safety tips to remember:

  • Bicyclists have the rights and duties of other vehicle operators:(551.101)

Yes, this means you have to stop at stop signs and red lights, but cars are required to yield right-of-way to a bicycle when appropriate, just as to any other vehicle.

  • Ride near the curb and go in the same direction as other traffic: (551.103)

Near the curb is subjective (we recommend leaving a cushion of about three feet) but the law gives a cyclist the right to take the lane when necessary for safety.

  • At least one hand on the handlebars (two are safer): (551.102c)

One when signaling but two when turning works well.

  • Use hand and arm signals: (545.107)

Point the way you are going, let the other operators know what you want to do.

  • One rider per saddle: (551.102a)

Don’t let your friends share your bike while riding unless you’re both on a tandem.

  • You may ride two abreast as long as you don’t impede traffic: (551.103c)

Racing and taking the lane are special cases.

  • Must have a white light on the front and a red reflector or red light on the rear (for riding at night): (551.104b)

The light is primarily so people can see you coming from the side, where their headlights do not shine on your reflectors. The law, effective as of Sept. 2001, states that a red light can replace a red reflector.

  • Brakes capable of making the braked wheel skid: (551.104a)

Don’t test that front brake to see if the wheel will skid while riding, especially downhill.

It’s That Time of Year Again

back_to_schoolChildren in Wichita Falls and surrounding communities will be returning to school in the next few days. We would like to  remind drivers to be extra cautious as school zones become more active and be aware of school buses that will be making frequent stops.

Following these simple tips can help children reach school safely and help drivers avoid costly fines and tickets.

Tips for Driving in School Zones

  • Put away your cell phone and anything else that may be distracting you as you drive.  A distracted driver is a dangerous driver.
  • Always obey school zone speed limit signs. Remember, traffic fines usually double in school zones.
  • Drop off and pick up your children in your school’s designated areas, not the middle of the street.
  • Keep an eye on children gathered at bus stops.
  • Be alert for children who might dart across the street or between vehicles on their way to school.

Tips for Children Walking or Biking to School

  • Always cross at intersections and designated crosswalks. Look left, right and then left again before proceeding.
  • Look for traffic when stepping off a bus or from behind parked cars.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street.
  • Always obey crossing guards.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Search Warrant Yields Meth, 2 Arrested

On 08-07-17, the Wichita Falls Police Department’s SWAT Team and Organized Crime Unit executed a search warrant in the 1100 blk of E. Scott. The warrant yielded 28 grams of methamphetamine along with baggies and a digital scale.  32 year old Michael House and 28 year old Allyssa Curry Rogers were arrested and charged with Man/Del of a Controlled Substance in PG 1 O/4 U/200 grams.

WFPD Traffic Stop Leads to the Seizure of Over 16 Pounds of Marijuana

On August 7th at approximately 3:00 am officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department initiated a traffic stop in the 1000 block of Central Fwy on a 2017 Toyota Camry for speeding.  When officers approached the vehicle they were able to smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.  Officers had the driver, 28 year old Jeffery Swain, and passenger, 34 year old Deena Sullivan, exit the vehicle.

While outside of the vehicle Swain told officers that there was a green duffle bag in the vehicle that contained marijuana.  Officers searched the vehicle and located in the trunk a duffle bag that had 13 vacuum sealed bags with a green leafy substance that field tested positive for marijuana.  Officers also located in the passenger area and console of the vehicle additional marijuana.  Total weight was 16.7 pounds of marijuana.

Officers also located marijuana candies and cannabis oil with a total weight of 171.20 grams.

Both Swain and Sullivan were placed into custody and transported to the Wichita County jail where they were charged with possession of controlled substance penalty group 2 >= 4G < 400G and possession of marihuana > 5 LBS <= 50 LBS.

Road Rage Leads to Aggravated Assault Arrest

Thompson, Clinton 38

Clinton Thompson

On August 6th at approximately 1:00 pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department responded to a moving disturbance in the area of Sisk Rd and Southwest Pky.  Officers were advised that the driver of a white 2011 Chevrolet Silverado had pointed a handgun at another driver.  Officers located the parties involved and were able to get them stopped and identified at Langford and Legacy.

Offices spoke with the victim who stated that the driver of the Silverado, 38 year old Clinton Thompson, began “flipping him off” and using profanity as they were driving north on FM 1954.  The victim stated that he continued driving and once he got to the intersection of Sisk Rd and Southwest Pky he attempted to slow down and allow Thompson to go ahead.  Once the victim was eastbound on Southwest Pky he stated that Thompson slammed on his brakes causing him to have to stop at which time Thompson exited his vehicle, came up to the victim’s driver’s side door and pointed a handgun at the victim.  Thompson then returned to his vehicle and continued eastbound on Southwest Pky, at which time the victim notified police.

Officers were able to locate a loaded handgun inside Thompson’s vehicle.  Thompson was placed into custody and transported to the Wichita County jail where he was charged with aggravated assault.

Coffee with a Cop at Odd Duck

cwc_secondary_black_rgbOn August 16th, 2017, officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department and community members will come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee.

All community members are invited to attend. The event is from 8:30 am to 9:30 am on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 at Odd Duck Coffee located at 717 7th St, in Wichita Falls.

Coffee with a Cop provides a unique opportunity for members of the community to ask questions and learn more about their department. The majority of interactions between law enforcement and the public occur during emergencies, or emotional situations. Those situations are not always the most effective times for relationship building.

Some community members may feel that officers are unapproachable on the street. Coffee with a Cop seeks to break down those barriers and allow for a relaxed, one-on-one interaction.  We hope that citizens will feel comfortable to ask questions, bring concerns, or simply get to know our officers.  These interactions are the foundation of any lasting community partnership.

Coffee with a Cop is a national initiative supported by The United States Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.  The program aims to advance the practice of community policing through improving relationships between police officers and community members one cup of coffee at a time.

WFPD Seeing Increase in Counterfeit Currency

downloadOver the past couple of weeks The Wichita Falls Police Department has seen an increase in counterfeit bills being reported in the local area. The majority of the bills are 100’s. At this time there are little leads on suspect(s).

A way to prevent from becoming a victim is to gain knowledge. You can do that by learning what security features are incorporated into each bill. The following link is a PDF describing security features on various bills: (

You can also take a free online training course at and learn more about the money you handle.

If you have any information on this crime you can contact the WFPD at 940-761-7792 or if you want to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers at 322-9888.

Back to School Safety Tips

back_to_schoolIn a few short weeks, school day congestion will be back. Whether students walk, bike, or take the bus to school, it is extremely important that they – and the motorists around them – take proper safety precautions​. Please consider the following safety tips.
Walking to school:
-Plan a route to school or the bus stop. Select the most direct way with the fewest street crossings and with intersections that have crossing guards if possible.
-Instruct your student to keep their head up and phone down! Never walk while texting or talking on the phone.
-Be sure your child walks to and from school with a sibling, friend, or neighbor. Use Nextdoor to find other kids in the neighborhood who are walking the same route. Remember, there is safety in numbers.


Driving Safety Tips:
-Drivers have a lot to pay attention to, especially in school zones, and there is never an occasion that justifies using a phone while driving.
-The area 10 feet around a school bus is the most dangerous for children. Stop far enough back to give them space to safely enter and exit the school bus.
-Many children ride their bike to school. If you’re turning right and a bicyclist is approaching from behind on the right, let the rider go through the intersection first, and always use your turn signal.

WFPD Traffic Stop Leads to the Recovery of a Stolen Firearm and Narcotics

wilburn, charles 36

Charles Wilburn

On Monday, July 31st, at approximately 10:30 am officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department observed the driver of a 2010 silver Nissan commit a traffic violation in the 1600 block of 13th.  A Traffic stop of the vehicle was conducted and contact was made with the occupants.

While speaking to the passenger the distinct odor of Marijuana was detected coming from inside the vehicle.  Both the driver and passenger were removed from the vehicle and a search of the vehicle and occupants was conducted.  While searching the passenger, who was identified as 36 year old Charles Wilborn, officers located a clear plastic baggie with a crystalline substance inside a fanny pack that he was wearing.  The substance was field tested and it showed a positive result for Methamphetamine. It weighed 0.46 grams. Also, inside the fanny pack officers found a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun. A records check was conducted on the pistol and it was found to be stolen.  A records check on Wiborn confirmed that he was a convicted felon. While searching the vehicle where Wilborn had been sitting officers located a cigar box that contained a bag with a green leafy substance that filed tested positive for marijuana; it weighed .067 grams.

Wilborn was arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance in penalty group one under 1 gram, possession of Marijuana under 2 ounces, theft of a firearm and unlawful possession of a firearm by felon.

The driver of the vehicle was released at the scene.



“A career in Law Enforcement will provide you with years of opportunity for personal and professional development, community involvement and the ability to have a positive role in the safety and security of your fellow citizens.” -WFPD Training Unit



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