Citizen Police Academy

The Department’s Community Services Section offers the FREE course two times a year and invites anyone 18 years and older to apply. You will attend an 11-13 week course, one evening each week, for three hours per session and find yourself on an obstacle course, behind the wheel of a police vehicle,  firing automatic weapons,  witness drug dogs in action, suit up and make split second decisions during Shoot Don’t Shoot and learn from officers from the  Motors Unit, Identity Theft, SWAT, SCUBA, Crime Scene Investigation, Traffic, Patrol and more.


The Police Department is accepting applications now for the 37th Citizen Police Academy which will start in the Spring of 2018. The class will start around the 2nd week of September and be held on Tuesday nights from 6pm-9pm.

You can apply online here:

Citizen Police Academy Application

If you have questions contact:

Officer Jeff Hughes at


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