Witness Alerts Police When They See Child’s Hand Sticking Out of the Back of a Moving Truck

sisk, dustin 32

Dustin Sisk

maland, hannah 24

Hannah Maland

On Saturday, April 15th, at approximately 4:00 pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department were dispatched to the 5100 block of Greenbriar in reference to a check welfare.  Officers were advised of a yellow Penske moving truck that was in the area that had what appeared to be a child’s hand sticking out of the cargo area. The reporting party stated that they were behind the truck on US 287 and followed it to Walmart in the 5100 block of Greenbriar.

Upon officers arrival they located the vehicle and identified the driver of the vehicle and his wife as 32 year old Dustin Sisk and 24 year old Hannah Maland.  When asked if there was anyone in the cargo area of the vehicle Sisk stated that their two sons, ages 5 and 7, were back there due to there not being enough room in the cab.

Officers observed in the cargo area of the truck several heavy items that could have fallen on the children.  Officers did not see any food or water and the reported temperature at the time was 84 degrees.  The only source of ventilation was an opening approximately four to six inches.

Both Sisk and Maland were arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail where they were charged with two counts of Endangering a child.  During the course of the investigation officers also located less than two ounces of marijuana in the center console.  Sisk stated that it was his.  He was also charged with possession of marijuana.

Child Protective Services were notified and they took custody of the two children who were found unharmed.

Can you ID?

purse theftOn March 11, 2017 at around 7 pm the suspect stole a bank bag while at a local grocery store. The bag was inadvertently left in the shopping cart while the victim was at the United Super Market on Iowa Park Rd.  The cart was collected and returned to the entry way of the store by an employee.  The suspect selected the cart containing the bank bag, concealed it and promptly left the store.  The suspect is described as a Hispanic female 55 to 65 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall, medium build with brown hair.  She was last seen getting into a black in color 4 door sedan which was parked in handicapped parking.  If you have any information about this crime call the Wichita Falls Police Department at 940-761-7792.



WFPD Releases 2017 2nd Quarter TxDOT Comprehensive STEP Grant Stats


The largest portion of traffic safety funding from TxDOT is used for the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) projects, which pay for overtime activities by local law enforcement to reduce the incidence of speeding, driving while intoxicated, failure to use occupant restraint systems, and intersection traffic control violations. Organizations eligible for STEP funds include the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS), sheriff’s offices, constable’s offices and community police departments.

The Wichita Falls Police Department has finalized the 1st Quarter FY 2017 (January – March) TxDOT Comprehensive STEP Grant Stats:

Adult Seatbelt Citations – 103
Child Safety Seats – 7
Intersection Violations – 207
Speeding – 621
Other Violations – 184
Arrests – 6
Vehicles Impounded – 15
Hours Worked – 416.6
Miles Driven – 3,580

Help reduce the risk of a vehicle burglary.

tlhTake, Lock, Hide. The basic crime fighting tool to help reduces vehicle burglaries.

  • Lock your vehicle. It takes seconds to break a window, but doing so makes noise – and criminals hate making noise.
  • Hide valuables from sight, or take items with you. If a criminal doesn’t see anything, they’re less likely to break in, and will move on.
  • Park in areas that are not secluded. Well lit parking lots, with good “sight lines”, make it more likely your vehicle is visible to the general public.
  • Aftermarket car stereos; consider models with removable face plates. Take the face plate with you when your leave your vehicle.
  • Record serial numbers of property you may leave inside your vehicle. If stolen, it makes it more likely the suspect, if he tries to pawn, will be identified.

There is no 100% fool-proof way to prevent all crime. You can make yourself less likely to be a victim of a burglary. Simply locking your vehicle and removing property from inside is half the battle.

Tips to help prevent mail thieves from striking.

mail theftIt’s tax time again.  With that in mind, mail thieves will be out looking to take advantage of the situation this time of year.  Checks are being received and mailed everyday. Incidents of mail theft are on the rise and here are some tips to protect yourself –

  1. If possible drop your mail at  the local post office or hand it personally to your letter carrier.
  2. Pick up your mail promptly after delivery. Don’t leave it in your mailbox overnight. If you’re expecting checks, credit cards, or other negotiable items, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail.
  3. If you don’t receive a check or other valuable mail you’re expecting, contact the issuing agency immediately.
  4. If you change your address, immediately notify your post office and anyone with whom you do business via the mail.
  5. Don’t send cash in the mail.
  6. Tell your post office when you’ll be out-of-town, so they can hold your mail until you return.
  7. Report all suspected mail theft to a Postal Inspector.
  8. Consider starting a neighborhood watch program. By exchanging work and vacation schedules with trusted friends and neighbors, you can watch each other’s mailboxes (as well as homes).
  9. Consult with your local Postmaster for the most up-to-date regulations on mailboxes, including the availability of locked centralized or curbside mailboxes
  10. Avoid using dumpsters to dispose of sensitive personal information.  Mail thieves will sometimes pilfer a dumpster looking for information they can use.

If you see suspicious people and/or vehicles in your neighborhood or if you see someone you don’t know removing mail from a mailbox, call the police

Local Man Arrested for Burglary: Caught with Toy Gun

Esparza, Francisco 35

Francisco Esparza

On April 4th at approximately 5:50 pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department responded to a possible burglary of a habitation in the 2100 block of Ave E. Officers were advised that the suspect had just walked into the residence, took a rifle and then fled the scene in a beige Chevrolet Impala.

Officers located and stopped the suspect vehicle in the 2100 block of Ave E and identified the driver as 35 year old Francisco Esparza.  Officers saw in plain view what appeared to be a rifle laying across the center console of the vehicle.  Upon further inspection of the rifle it was determined to be a toy.

Officers spoke to witnesses on scene who advised that they saw Esparza go into the residence after he had been told him that no one was home.  The witnesses stated that they saw Esparza exit the residence with the rifle at which time they notified police.

Officers were able to make contact with the home owner who advised that they did not know Esparza and at no time did they give him permission to be in their residence.

Officers placed Esparza in custody and transported him to the Wichita County jail where he was charged with burglary of a habitation.  It was also discovered that Esparza was driving on a suspended license and therefore he was also charged with driving while license is suspended.

DARE Officer visits Notre Dame kindergartners.

dareDARE Officer Kris Henning visited with kindergarten classes at Notre Dame Elementary School today.  Officer Kris talked with the kids about how police officers are here to help them when they need it and we are their friends.  She also talked  about the importance of only calling 911 when you need help.  Officer Kris had time to read a story about the one and only Officer Buckle and Gloria, his trusted dog.

Suspect arrested for possession of Methamphetamine.

murraycollageOn April 1st, at 1:06 pm an officer observed a subject standing in the front yard of a residence in the 900 blk Stratford.  From prior encounters, the officer knew the subject to be David Michael Murray and that he had two outstanding warrants for his arrest.  The officer made contact with Murray and placed him under arrest for the warrants.  A   search of Murray’s person revealed approximately 0.4 grams of Methamphetamine in his possession. Murray was arrested for the outstanding warrants and Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1, under 1 gram, Methamphetamine.

Search Warrant Leads To Arrests


At approx. 0554 hrs this date the WFPD Organized Crime Unit executed a Search and Arrest Warrant at a residence in the 2200 block of Kimberly. Officers located over 4 grams of methamphetamine inside the residence. Both Billy Fowler 31 y/o w/m and Joshua Miller 30 y/o w/m were arrested for Manufacture and Delivery of a Controlled Substance over 4 grams. CPS and WFPD Juvenile Detectives were called to the scene for a child that was inside the residence.