WFPD Serves Multiple Search Warrants on Illicit Massage Parlors Throughout the City

crime-arrestOn Thursday September 26th Officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department’s Organized Crime Unit served multiple search warrants throughout the city on various illicit massage parlors arresting five foreign national females and charging them with prostitution.

The search warrants were served at the following locations: 2407 Kemp at Spring Touch Spa, 3308 Kemp at Magic Massage and Spa, 912 Scott Ave at Wellness Center Spa, 4822 Kemp at Joyou Massage and 3701 Sheppard Access at Lucky Spa.

The arrests stem from a long term investigation where sophisticated surveillance techniques were used to build probable cause against the massage parlors.

The investigation is ongoing and further charges and arrests are expected.

October 2nd is national Coffee With a Cop day.

coffee with a cop1

Officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department and community members will come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships and drink coffee.

All members of the community are invited to attend. The event is from 8 am to 10 am on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019, at Frank & Joe’s Coffee House located at 2919 Bob Ave, in Parker Square. Coffee with a Cop provides a unique opportunity for community members to ask questions and learn more about their department.

The majority of contacts law enforcement has with the public happen during emergencies, or emotionally stressful times. Those situations are not always the most effective times for relationship building. Some community members may even feel that officers are unapproachable on the street. Coffee with a Cop breaks down those barriers and allows for a relaxed, one-on-one interaction.

We hope that community members will feel comfortable to ask questions, bring concerns, or simply get to know our officers. These interactions are the foundation of community partnerships.

Coffee with a Cop is a national initiative supported by The United States Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

The program aims to advance the practice of community policing through improving relationships between police officers and community members one cup of coffee at a time

Suspect Arrested for Aggravated Robbery after Stealing Children’s Charity Donation from Subject in Wheelchair


Angel Solorzano

On Thursday, September 19th at approximately 1:18 pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department were dispatched to the 1100 block of Central Freeway to Love’s in reference to an aggravated robbery.

Upon arrival they spoke with the victim who stated that she was inside the store collecting money for the Children’s Miracle Network when she was approached by the suspect who was later identified as 26 year old Angel Solorzano.  Solorzano asked the victim if she knew where he might be able to get some help to purchase a bus ticket to Ft Worth.  While the victim was talking to Solorzano he reached done and grabbed the donation bucket from the victim who had it in her lap due to being in a wheelchair and not having full use of her arms and then ran out of the store with it.

A witness began to chase Solorzano around the store and onto the access road at which time they confronted Solorzano and told him to give the money back. Solorzano then threw a backpack at the witness and struck him in the face with his fist.  Solorzano then pulled out a knife and told the witness to, “back up.”

Solorzano then continued to run down the access road when he was confronted again by two other witnesses. One of them had a firearm and was able to hold Solorzano at gunpoint until police arrived.  Solorzano was found to be in possession of approximately $60 in loose, crumpled bills.

Officers placed Solorzano into custody and transported him to the Wichita County jail where he was charged with aggravated robbery.

WFPD Traffic Stop Leads to the Arrest of Three on Narcotic Charges

Early this morning at approximately 12:30 am officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department observed a tan 2006 Chevrolet Silverado with expired registration in the area of Kell and Taft.  Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop at which time the driver refused to stop.

As the vehicle was near Harrison and Kell officers observed a clear plastic bag being thrown from the vehicle.  Officers were eventually able to get the vehicle stopped in the area of Brook and Kell.  Officers identified the driver as 38 year old Kristin Martin and the two other occupants as 29 year old Amanda Carroll and 31 year old Andrew Carroll.

Officers went back to retrieve the bag that was thrown from the vehicle and found it to contain a substance that showed positive for methamphetamine when field tested.  The weight of the substance was 14.88 grams.

All three suspects were arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail where they were charged with possession of a substance in penalty group one and tampering with evidence.  Martin was also charged with evading.

National Preparedness Month

DocumentSeptember is National Preparedness Month, and over the next few weeks, the Wichita Falls Police Department will be sharing tips on how you and your neighbors can prepare for disasters. We hope you will find this information helpful!

We know disasters are often sudden, and could result in catastrophic damage – or worse, loss of life. As part of our commitment to keeping this community safe ahead of, during, and after an emergency or natural disaster, the Wichita Falls Police Department wants to remind you about Nextdoor’s Urgent Alert feature.

This tool helps our department push out real-time, critical information area-wide, targeted to a specific service area, or neighborhood. Find out how you can ensure your Urgent Alert feature is active in case of an emergency by clicking here.

And remember, Nextdoor and other social media platforms should not be considered a replacement for emergency-related requests. If you need immediate assistance, please always call 911.

If you are not already a part of Nextdoor you can join by going to

Can YOU SEE your house numbers/address on your mailbox/house?

house number plateWhen you have lived at the same address for a number of years, you rarely pay any attention to your house numbers (address).

For Police Officers, EMS, and Fire that may be responding to your house in the event of an emergency, your house numbers are what they are looking for.

Make it a point, to LOOK at your house numbers to see if:

-All of the numbers are still there

-They are large enough to be seen easily from the street

-Any landscape vegetation has grown over them limiting their visibility

If you can see them, so can we…Thank YOU!

If not, then we can’t either. Please take steps today so we can find should you need us tomorrow.

Remembering Our Fallen – Officer Robert Edward Fellows and Officer Walter Edwin Rappolee, Jr. EOW: Thursday, August 22, 1968


Officer Walter Edwin Rappolee, Jr.


Officer Robert Edward Fellows

Officer Fellows and Officer Rappolee were crushed to death when a wall fell onto their patrol car. A large fire had destroyed a section of downtown Wichita Falls and the two officers were sitting in their patrol car in front of one of the damaged buildings when the wall collapsed and landed on top of the car.

Officer Fellows had served with the Wichita Falls Police Department for just over 4.5 years. Officer Rappolee had served with the Wichita Falls Police Department for just over 2 years.


Share the Road

sharetheroadThe Hotter’n Hell 100 is fast approaching which means the presence of more cyclists on the roadway.  The Wichita Falls Police Department reminds motorists to share the roadway and be aware.  Here are a few safety tips to remember:

  • Bicyclists have the rights and duties of other vehicle operators:(551.101)

Yes, this means you have to stop at stop signs and red lights, but cars are required to yield right-of-way to a bicycle when appropriate, just as to any other vehicle.

  • Ride near the curb and go in the same direction as other traffic: (551.103)

Near the curb is subjective (we recommend leaving a cushion of about three feet) but the law gives a cyclist the right to take the lane when necessary for safety.

  • At least one hand on the handlebars (two are safer): (551.102c)

One when signaling but two when turning works well.

  • Use hand and arm signals: (545.107)

Point the way you are going, let the other operators know what you want to do.

  • One rider per saddle: (551.102a)

Don’t let your friends share your bike while riding unless you’re both on a tandem.

  • You may ride two abreast as long as you don’t impede traffic: (551.103c)

Racing and taking the lane are special cases.

  • Must have a white light on the front and a red reflector or red light on the rear (for riding at night): (551.104b)

The light is primarily so people can see you coming from the side, where their headlights do not shine on your reflectors. The law, effective as of Sept. 2001, states that a red light can replace a red reflector.

  • Brakes capable of making the braked wheel skid: (551.104a)

Don’t test that front brake to see if the wheel will skid while riding, especially downhill.

Share the Road: Hotter’n Hell Hundred

e06f931b6976f30b4d4641edd71c83ed_400x400The Hotter’n Hell 100 is just a couple of weeks away which means the presence of more cyclists on the roadway.  The Wichita Falls Police Department reminds motorists to share the roadway and be aware.

Here are a few safety tips to remember:

1. Different but Equal

In all states, cyclists are deemed by law to be drivers of vehicles and are entitled to the same rights on the road as motorists. Expect cyclists on the road. Watch for cyclists on the road. Treat them as you would any slow-moving vehicle.

2. Patience, not Patients

Patience, especially on the road, is a virtue, and can save lives.

Your patience may involve:

  • Waiting until it is safe to pass a bicycle and refraining from tailgating.
  • Giving cyclists the right of way when the situation calls for it.
  • Allowing extra time for cyclists to go through intersections.
  • Recognizing road hazards that may be dangerous for cyclists and giving cyclists the necessary space to deal with them. In conditions where there is not enough room for a cyclist to ride to the right, they are allowed to ride closer to the lane of traffic, and sometimes even in the lane of traffic.

Never engage in conduct that harasses or endangers a cyclist. Above all: Be tolerant. Be understanding. Be careful.

3. A Passing Grade

Do not pass a cyclist until you can see that you can safely do so. You should allow ample space between your vehicle and the bicycle and make sure you do not place the cyclist in danger. If you pass too closely the drag from your car can pull a cyclist off course and cause the rider to swerve out of control.

4. The Right Behavior

Watch out for cyclists when you are turning right. A bicyclist may well be to the right of you and planning to go straight at the same intersection. Do not speed ahead of the bicyclist thinking you can negotiate the turn before they reach your car. The cyclist may be going faster than you think and, as you slow to make the turn, the cyclist may not be able to avoid crashing into the passenger side of your vehicle.

5. To The Left, to The Left

Also look for cyclists when making a left-hand turn. Cyclists who are crossing straight through the same intersection in the opposite direction may be going faster than you realize. It is particularly dangerous on a descending slope, when cyclists pick up more speed.

6. A Back-up Plan:

Bicycles, and the people who drive them, come in all shapes and sizes. When backing out of your driveway always look to see if someone is riding in your path. Children on small bikes might be hard to see. Drive slowly and look carefully.

7. Egress Etiquette

After parallel parking, make sure the coast is clear for opening the car door to exit. Make sure there are no cyclists riding alongside your car or fast approaching. By using the rear view mirrors and by turning around, a driver can spot an approaching cyclist and circumvent a disaster. A cyclist cannot anticipate when a driver will open a door, but a driver can easily detect a cyclist who may be in the line of danger.

8. Respect

Cyclists have a rightful spot on the road. Cyclists also positively impact the environment with each revolution of their wheels by opting to ride rather than drive. Do not resent cyclists. Replace frustration with a smile every time to see a cyclist.

9. Honing Your Horning Habit

Do not honk unnecessarily at cyclists. If the need does arise to honk your horn to alert a cyclist that you are about pass, do so at a respectable distance. If you are too close, the noise itself can cause a cyclist to lose his or her bearings and create a hazardous situation for both you and the cyclist.

10. Try it, You’ll Like it

If you can’t beat them, join them. Ride a bike. It may just change your life. Riding is good for you and good for your environment. At the very least, it will give you a better appreciation for the problems cyclists face everyday on the road with respect to motorists.

**CLASS IS FULL** WFPD To Host FREE Active Shooter Response Class for Citizens



The Wichita Falls Police Department will be hosting a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training on Thursday, August 15 at 6:00 pm at the Public Safety Training Center located at 710 Flood St. Class is limited to the first 50 registrants.

The CRASE course, designed and built on the Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) strategy developed by ALERRT in 2004, provides strategies, guidance, and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event.  This is an informative class only.  No weapons are allowed.

Along with the CRASE training the WFPD will also cover current Texas State laws pertaining to gun ownership.

The class is free and open to anyone. If you are interested in attending please click here:

We look forward to seeing you there.