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WFPD Officers Respond to Hurricane Harvey Area

PicMonkey CollageOur thoughts and prayers continue to be with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and it’s aftermath. Two of our own, Captain Scott Vaughn and Officer Joseph Anderson, have responded to the area as part of the Incident Management Team to provide support and render aid to those in need. We would like to thank them for their service and pray for their safe return.

We also just received word that Officer Reginald Lewis is being called up by his Naval Security Forces Unit to respond to the DFW area to assist with Harvey evacuees. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayer as well.

Murder Warrant Issued For James Sherman Green III

WANTED GREENUPDATE: The suspect and driver of the suspect vehicle are still actively be by sought by police. The two female witnesses mentioned in the original post below have been located and interviewed. However, video obtained by police show several other unknown people in the area of the incident that left without speaking to us. We are asking anyone that was one scene during or after this incident that have not yet been interviewed to please come forward.

UPDATE 2:  The suspect vehicle has been located.

On 08-27-17, at approx 6:47pm, officers were dispatched to the shopping center located at 3146 5th Street (Seymour Hwy) in reference to what was believed at the time to be a possible vehicle accident.  Clifton Carr (03-17-97, age 20, B/M) had exited a vehicle in the parking lot at that location and walked into the Little Caesars Pizza where he collapsed on the floor.  They immediately called 9-1-1.  When officers arrived, they discovered that Carr was bleeding from a gunshot wound.  Carr was transported to the hospital and underwent surgery.  At 3:55am this morning, Carr passed away.
Investigation revealed that Carr had been involved in a disturbance in the shopping center parking lot with James Sherman Green III (07-01-97, age 20, B/M) over a drug transaction.  During that disturbance, Green shot Carr and fled the scene.  It is believed that Green fled in a dark blue sedan driven by an unknown female.

An arrest warrant for Murder has been issued for James Sherman Green III in reference to this incident.  Green should be considered armed and dangerous.

In addition to Green and the unknown female driver, we are also searching for 2 female witnesses that were possibly in the vehicle with Carr when this incident took place.  Both females left the scene prior to speaking with police.

If anyone has any information about this case or any of the people involved, they are asked to contact us at 940-720-5000 or call Crime Stoppers at 940-322-9888.

Search Warrant Yields Meth, 2 Arrested

On 08-07-17, the Wichita Falls Police Department’s SWAT Team and Organized Crime Unit executed a search warrant in the 1100 blk of E. Scott. The warrant yielded 28 grams of methamphetamine along with baggies and a digital scale.  32 year old Michael House and 28 year old Allyssa Curry Rogers were arrested and charged with Man/Del of a Controlled Substance in PG 1 O/4 U/200 grams.



“A career in Law Enforcement will provide you with years of opportunity for personal and professional development, community involvement and the ability to have a positive role in the safety and security of your fellow citizens.” -WFPD Training Unit



Application Deadline-09/09/17

Testing Date- TBA

For More Information:  www.wfpdnow.com/wfpd-now-hiring

Lt. David Ferguson Graduates From LEMIT

5x7-David FergusonLt. David Ferguson of the Wichita Falls Police Department recently graduated from the Leadership Command College – Class 79 of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas. The program, taught by a consortium of universities throughout Texas, provides law enforcement administrators and executives with the skills necessary to effectively manage police agencies and deliver a high level of service to their communities. Module I, focusing on leadership, is taught at the Center for Executive Development, Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. Module II at Texas Woman’s University focuses on the political, legal, and social environment of law enforcement. The program concluded on June 23, 2017 with training in law enforcement administration at the third module, held at Sam Houston State University.

Each of the three 3-week modules attended by participants in the program is taught by top national and international law enforcement experts. Topics include leadership, professional ethics and integrity, communication, and personnel management issues. The Command College curriculum also strives to keep participants on top of contemporary issues in Criminal Justice.

This program is one of many offered by the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas, headquartered on the campus of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. The Institute, known as “LEMIT,” has been training law enforcement managers and executives since its inception in 1987. LEMIT offers numerous seminars, training for police chiefs, and the leadership program, which is one of the premiere law enforcement academies in the nation. No tax monies are necessary to support LEMIT, which is funded by a surcharge on criminal court costs; affording eligible Texas Law Enforcement managers and executive’s essential professional development. Between one and two thousand Texas law enforcement personnel benefit from LEMIT training each year.

WFPD Captain Scott Vaughn Graduates from National FBI Academy

DSC_0186Wichita Falls Police Captain Scott Vaughn was one of 228 law enforcement officers that graduated earlier this month from the FBI National Academy at Quantico, Virginia. The 268th Session of the National Academy consisted of men and women from 47 states. Included in the class were members of law enforcement agencies from the District of Columbia, 24 international countries, five military organizations and seven federal civilian organizations.

Internationally known for its academic excellence, the National Academy Program, held at the FBI Academy, offers ten weeks of advanced communication, leadership and fitness training for selected officers having proven records as professionals within their agencies.

Training for the program is provided by the FBI Academy instructional staff, Special Agents and other staff members holding advanced degrees, many of whom are recognized internationally in their fields of expertise.

Since 1972, National Academy students have been able to earn undergraduate and graduate credits from the University of Virginia due to the university’s accreditation of the many courses offered.

The graduating officers were represented by the class spokesperson, John Richard Russo, Chief of Police, Rutherford Police Department, Rutherford, New Jersey. A total of 50,141 graduates now represent the alumni of the FBI National Academy since it began in 1935.

Captain Vaughn graduated from the 51st Training Academy and has served 21 years with the Wichita Falls Police Department.

Beware of Electronic Skimmers

It’s that time of year again! With summer in full swing, people will be out and about on road trips and family vacations. Undoubtedly activity at local gas stations will be on the rise. The increase in activity will also mean more opportunities for criminals to strike.

Gas pump skimmers are a common method crooks use to steal your identity. Here are a few tips to help you as a consumer avoid or reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a skimmer scam.

First look at the overall condition of the gas pump. Is there anything attached to it that appears out of place? Is there more than one card reader? Any visible wires on the outside of the machine? Is there tape holding objects on the pump?

If you notice anything attached to the outside of the pump that appears out of place or brand new in appearance compared to the pump itself, it could be a skimmer or camera. Some externally placed skimmers will allow the transaction when placed over or near the pump card reader, but will also steal your card information at the same time.

If possible avoid gas pumps that are out of view of the store employee. These pumps could be more easily compromised with a skimmer device since employees will not be able to see activity around the pump. Use the pumps that are within view of the employee these may have a reduced risk of being compromised.

Check to see if the pump has a security seal placed on the access door. If this seal is broken or gone, move on to another pump if possible. It could mean that the pump has been compromised. If the seal is missing or broken notify the employee immediately. If you have to use a pump with a broken seal, pay with cash or card inside and notify the employee about the condition of the gas pump.

Use a credit card instead of a debit card if possible. Many credit cards offer better protection against most types of fraud. Debit cards immediately withdraw money from your account. If you have to use a debit card, run it as a credit card so you don’t have to enter a PIN.

Bluetooth Skimmers –  More advanced skimmers are blue-tooth capable so the crook will not even have to come and get it! They will simply park nearby and access the blue tooth skimmer through mobile devices such as laptops or smart phones. Others that are externally attached may have to be retrieved by the crook at some point in time.

Suspicious People – If you see people hanging around gas pumps or pretending to be maintenance workers, inform the employees or call the police. It could be nothing or it could be the criminal retrieving stolen information.

Credit/Debit Cards – Finally, check your credit/debit cards or gas card statements regularly for any irregularities or unusual charges. Notify the police and credit card company as soon as possible for the fraudulent charges to protect yourself and your credit.

WFPD Motorcycle Unit Shines at Texas Chute Out


Last week, the WFPD Motorcycle Unit participated in the 2017 Capital of Texas Police Motorcycle Chute Out in Buda, Tx.  Here is a list of the awards won:

Overall Team Results for the Entire Event-2nd Place Team

Sgt. Van Dotson

Officer Justin Whisenhunt

Officer Chris Cozart

Officer Clint Halloway

Novice Category Individual Results

Officer Chris Cozart – 1st Place

Officer Danny Castillo – 2nd Place

Officer C.J. Mauck – 4th Place

Officer Kody McBride – 5th Place

Officer Danny Atnip – 8th Place

Officer Dustin Moffett – 10th Place

Officer Jessie Whitehead – 16th Place

Expert Category Individual Results

Officer Justin Whisenhunt – 4th Place

Sgt. Van Dotson – 11th Place

Officer Clint Halloway – 14th Place

Sgt. Leland Wright – 21st Place

4 Man Team Challenge Course Results

3rd Place Team

Sgt. Van Dotson

Officer Justin Whisenhunt

Officer Chris Cozart

Officer Clint Halloway

4th Place Team

Officer C.J. Mauck

Officer Jessie Whitehead

Officer Kody McBride

Officer Danny Castillo



Officer Justin Whisenhunt – 4th Place (Tie)

Officer Clint Halloway – 6th Place

Officer Chris Cozart – 8th Place

Officer Kody McBride – 9th Place (Tie)

Officer C.J. Mauck – 9th Place (Tie)

Sgt. Van Dotson – 11th Place (Tie)

Officer Jessie Whitehead – 17th Place

Officer Danny Castillo – 20th Place

Sgt. Leland Wright – 22nd Place (Tie)

Officer Danny Atnip – 26th Place

Officer Dustin Moffett – 36th Place




Officer Hit By Vehicle, Suspect Caught


Crystal Truitt

On 02-22-17, at approx 2:15am, WFPD officers responded to the 2000 blk of Taft in reference to a suspicious person call. Upon arrival, they made contact with 34 year old Crystal Truitt. Truitt told them that she had called police because someone was after her. A family member showed up on the scene in a white Mazda Tribute and Truitt got into the backseat. While the family member was outside of the car talking with officers, Truitt exited the car and got into the driver’s seat and tried to drive off without the owners consent. Officers approached the vehicle and tried to stop her but she would not comply. An officer was able to push on the brake pedal of the vehicle with his hands while Truitt pressed on the gas. The vehicle moved forward and struck the officer but he was able to roll out from under the vehicle to avoid being completely ran over. Truitt led officers on a pursuit until she finally stopped at Kiowa Casino in Devol, Oklahoma and ran inside. One of the pursuing officers made contact with her inside the casino’s main entrance where she was being hostile and aggressive. The officer deployed his taser and Truitt was taken into custody. She was charged with Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer and Evading Arrest in a Vehicle.

The injured officer was taken to United Regional where he was treated for his injuries and later released.