WFPD Arrest Man for Attempting to Pass Over $700,000.00 in Fraudulent Checks


Yaw Ferkah-Ahenkorah

On Thursday, February 9th, at approximately 3:45 pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department were dispatched to the 2700 block of Southwest Parkway to the Wells Fargo bank in reference to a possible forgery in progress.

Upon arrival officers spoke with a bank employee who stated that a subject, later identified as 20 year old Yaw Ferkah-Ahenkorah of Chickasha, OK, came into the bank and attempted to deposit three fraudulent checks totaling $283,000.00. Officers detained Ferkah-Ahenkorah.

Ferkah-Ahenkorah advised police that college friends from the University of Science and Arts gave him the checks to deposit.  He stated that he came to the bike trails in Wichita Falls when a friend told him to go deposit the checks at Wells Fargo.

After further investigating it was determined that Ferkah-Ahenkorah had earlier attempted to deposit two other fraudulent checks totaling $440,000.00 at the Wells Fargo bank located on Kell East.

Ferkah-Ahenkorah was arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail without incident where he was charged with Forgery.

WFPD Financial Crime Unit Warns of Another SCAM


There has been an increase in fake checks in our area being mailed to victims for various reasons from alleged Secret shopper programs to online fraudulent jobs posted via craigslist.

BEWARE – if someone sends you a check then ask you to wire money directly back to them or someone else after you deposit the check into your account IT IS A SCAM!

The FDIC requires banks to make funds available on cashier’s checks and money orders within 1-5 days, so the scammers are counting on you receiving the funds and going through with the wire transfer before the check or money order has actually cleared the bank. By the time you find out that the check is not legitimate, you are out the money you sent and will be held accountable for the bounced check by your financial institution.

If it sounds to good to be true then it is. Verify the validity of the check and be very cautious when depositing or cashing checks.

For more information visit the follwoing:

WFPD Warns of IRS Scams

scam-alertFinancial scams are on the rise again. Recently there have been several reports of IRS scams demanding payment for alleged owed money. Scammers are calling unsuspecting victims and advising them they have a warrant for their arrest and/or the police are watching their residence planning to make an arrest if they do not pay. This is a scam that targets the elderly and/or unknowing.

Thousands of Dollars are lost each year to IRS Scammers please keep a look out for these false claims. Check on Family members and friends who you think could fall victim and warn them of the dangers of Scammers. Spread the word and protect one another from would be scammers.

If you have questions or to file a claim you can contact the IRS or visit:

Do not forget you can sign up for the latest scam alerts at:

Beware income tax scams

scam-alertIt’s that time of year again and tax time is fast approaching, with that it mind the scammers will be out in full force attempting to steal your money and identity.   Scammers  will  try  to convince you to pay them money for owed taxes or requesting payment (money up front) for a tax return.  They may even ask for personal information to “verify” your identity so they can complete their offer to help.  Like before. scammers are going to use threats such as warrants, and the police are coming to get you, or watching your house. These are all false and should be reported to the police and  IRS as soon as possible.

Avoid being a victim of financial crimes.


financial-crimesMany victims leave checkbooks, credit cards and various forms of ID in their vehicles. Burglars are on high alert for that information because they know it will bring a good price on the market. Information the vehicle burglar obtains may not be used by him or her but will be traded for narcotics, cash or other valuable goods. The person receiving the items will then use it to commit various types of Financial Crime such as opening credit cards, lines of fast cash credit, bank loans, etc.  So remember, if you have a shredder use it. If you have  shredding service use it.  Avoid disposing of old check books, credit cards, ID’s etc.  in dumpsters.  The dedicated criminal is continuously looking  to obtain personal information for personal gain.


WFPD Detective Recognized as City’s Employee of the Month


Detective Jason Jones

Detective Jason Jones has been selected as the Wichita Falls City’s Employee of the Month for January 2017. Jason was recognized at the first City Council meeting of the year.

Detective Jones worked for the Burkburnett Police Department, Electra Police Department, and the Iowa Park Police Department before signing on with the Wichita Falls Police Department in 2000. During the past 16 years he has served in Patrol and in various units within the Criminal Investigation Section. He is currently assigned to the Financial Crimes Unit.

Detective Jones has been trained by the Secret Service as a Digital Forensics Investigator. He is certified on numerous digital forensic platforms such as Cellebrite, Pareben, and the F.R.E.D system. His service in the forensics field not only serves the WFPD but also surrounding agencies.  Detective Jones goes above and beyond the typical duties of an investigator to provide the utmost opportunity for criminal prosecution in cases which involve digital forensics.

Detective Jones’ dedication and work ethic brings great credit to the Wichita Falls Police Department and the City of Wichita Falls. Great Job!!

WFPD Arrest Local Man for Forgery


Troy Shelton

On Tuesday, November 22nd at approximately 4:00 pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department responded to the 3900 block of Kemp Blvd (Kemp Discount) in reference to a check suspicious person. Upon arrival officers spoke to employees who stated a subject identified as 25 year old Troy Shelton came into the business and attempted to pass a check from Action Auto Salvage and Repair in the amount of $400.00.

The employee stated due to the amount of the check they called the business to verify the check was accurate. The employee then spoke with the business owner who arrived on scene and stated the signature on the check was not his and he had not authorized any checks to be written or passed. The owner also stated he had never seen Shelton on his property before and had never given him a check from his business.

Shelton stated his friend wrote the check to him and he went inside of Kemp Discount to cash it.

Shelton was arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail without incident where he was charged with Forgery.

WFPD Makes Forgery Arrest


Jerrie Syon

On Thursday, November 17th officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department were dispatched to the 1700 block of 9th to Barri Financial in reference to a possible forgery in progress.

Upon arrival officers spoke with an employee of the business who stated that 43 year old Jerrie Syon came into the business and attempted to pass a check in the amount of $2,300.00.  The check was written on an account for Kansa Technology LLC.  The employee called the company listed on the check and was advised that the check was fraudulent.  It was also determined that the routing and account numbers on the check were invalid.

Officers placed Syon in custody and transported her to the Wichita County jail without incident.  She was charged with forgery.

Beware skimmer scam!

pump sealskimmercollageIt’s that time of year again!  With summer drawing to a close, people will be out and about on road trips and last minute family vacations.  Undoubtedly activity at local gas stations will be on the rise.  The increase in activity will also mean more opportunities for criminals to strike.

Gas pump skimmers are a common method crooks use to steal your identity.  Here are a few tips to help you as a consumer avoid or reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a skimmer scam.

First look at the overall condition of the gas pump.  Is there anything attached to it that appears out of place?  Is there more than one card reader?  Any visible wires on the outside of the machine? Is there tape holding objects on the pump?

If you notice anything attached to the outside of the pump that appears out of place or brand new in appearance compared to the pump itself, it could be a skimmer or camera. Some externally placed skimmers will allow the transaction when placed over or near the pump card reader, but will also steal your card information at the same time.

If possible avoid gas pumps that are out of view of the store employee.  These pumps could be more easily compromised with a skimmer device since employees will not be able to see activity around the pump.  Use the pumps that are within view of the employee these may have a reduced risk of being compromised.

Check to see if the pump has a security seal placed on the access door.  If this seal is broken or gone, move on to another pump if possible. It could mean that the pump has been compromised.  If the seal is missing or broken notify the employee immediately.  If you have to use a pump with a broken seal, pay with cash or card inside and notify the employee about the condition of the gas pump.

Use a credit card instead of a debit card if possible.  Many credit cards offer better protection against most types of fraud.  Debit cards immediately withdraw money from your account.  If you have to use a debit card, run it as a credit card so you don’t have to enter a PIN.

Bluetooth skimmers. More advanced skimmers are blue-tooth capable so the crook will not even have to come and get it!  They will simply park nearby and access the blue tooth skimmer through mobile devices such as laptops or smart phones.  Others that are externally attached may have to be retrieved by the crook at some point in time.

Suspicious people.  If you see people hanging around gas pumps or pretending to be maintenance workers, inform the employees or call the police.  It could be nothing or it could be the criminal retrieving stolen information.

Credit/Debit cards. Finally, check your credit/debit cards or gas card statements regularly for any irregularities or unusual charges.  Notify the police and credit card company as soon as possible for the fraudulent charges to protect yourself and your credit.