WFPD Sees Decrease in Vehicle Burglaries: Focus Still on Unlocked Vehicles

Picture1The Wichita Falls Police Department saw a 57% decrease in reports of vehicle burglaries with 37% fewer cars being broken into compared to two weeks ago.  However, of the vehicles that were recently broken into only one vehicle showed signs of forced entry and of those broken into two handguns were reported stolen.

Due to the immediate and relentless response by the WFPD multiple arrests have been made regarding recent vehicle burglaries and the recovery of stolen firearms.

Even though the current statistics show a decrease in vehicle burglaries the main focus of the WFPD is still on reminding people of the dangers of leaving their vehicles unlocked and more importantly not to leave firearms unsecured.

The simple act of locking your vehicle will go a long way in preventing you from becoming the victim of a burglary.  Even if your vehicle is parked inside your garage at night, locking it is still the recommendation of the police department.  And at no time is it a good idea to leave a firearm in your vehicle unsecured.  The last thing that any responsible gun owner would want to see happen is to have their firearm stolen and used in the commission of a crime where someone is hurt or killed.


Don’t Let Someone Steal Your Summer

reportitIt’s that time of year again when you wake up to the sound of lawnmowers, gas trimmers and electric hedgers turning neighborhood yards into manicured marvels. The smell of freshly cut grass is carried by the warm winds of a sunny day. The sounds and smells have motivated you to get out in your own yard and do some work.  You go to get your tools only to have your summertime bliss evaporate into woe when you discover someone has stolen your tools.

You pick up the phone to call police and file a theft report.  Once police arrive one of the questions they ask you is if you know the make, model and serial number of the property that was stolen. Your reply is, “no”.  This is not uncommon, but it does make it more difficult for the police to recover your property without having some type of identifying information.  Your stolen lawnmower will simply become one of hundreds of other lawnmowers without some type of identifying information that shows it belongs to you.

The Wichita Falls Police Department would like to remind everyone of a great tool available to them free of charge: Report It.

Report It is a proactive tool that allows you to easily catalog information about your valuables. This includes serial numbers, owner applied numbers, photos of property and scans of receipts. It’s completely internet based, so you never have to worry about losing the data you have saved.

Nobody expects to have their property lost, stolen or damaged, but if it does happen, you’ll need to be able to provide the information to law enforcement and your insurance provider.

You can use Report It to store identifying information of anything of value – think about collectibles, jewelry, electronics, machinery, lawn equipment, and even designer clothes and handbags.

Having identifying information, such as serial numbers, will go a long way in helping the police to get your stolen property back to you so you can get back to enjoying the sounds and smells of summer.



WFPD Sees a Recent Increase in Vehicle Burglaries; 12 Firearms Stolen

tlhFrom May 7th to the 20th the Wichita Falls Police Department received 35 burglary of a vehicle reports.  During the investigation it was determined that 45 vehicles had been broken into, none of which showed signs of forced entry.  There were 12 handguns taken in the burglaries.

The WFPD would like to remind people that one of the best ways to help prevent from becoming a victim of vehicle burglary is to simply lock your vehicles,  and a special reminder to not leave unsecured firearms in your vehicle.

Take, Lock, Hide. The basic crime fighting tool to help reduces vehicle burglaries.

  • Lock your vehicle. It takes seconds to break a window, but doing so makes noise – and criminals hate making noise.
  • Hide valuables from sight, or take items with you. If a criminal doesn’t see anything, they’re less likely to break in, and will move on.
  • Park in areas that are not secluded. Well lit parking lots, with good “sight lines”, make it more likely your vehicle is visible to the general public.
  • Aftermarket car stereos; consider models with removable face plates. Take the face plate with you when your leave your vehicle.
  • Record serial numbers of property you may leave inside your vehicle. If stolen, it makes it more likely the suspect, if he tries to pawn, will be identified.

There is no 100% fool-proof way to prevent all crime. You can make yourself less likely to be a victim of a burglary. Simply locking your vehicle and removing property from inside is half the battle.

WFPD Arrest Man In Burglary of Rider High School


Randy Konovsky

On Monday, January 15th, at approximately 8:30pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department was dispatched to the 3000 block of Speedway in reference to a check suspicious person. Officers were advised that a subject wearing camo coveralls and a beanie was on the reporting parties back porch. When they confronted the subject he walked off in an unknown direction of travel.

Officers were able to locate a subject matching the suspect description at the intersection of Speedway and Avondale. The subject was identified as 44 year old Randy Konovsky. A records check revealed that Konovsky had an outstanding warrant for burglary of a building.

The warrant stemmed from a report that was taken back on December 19, 2017 in the 4600 block of Cypress at Rider High School.  The reporting party stated that on December 15, 2017 between 3:05 pm and 3:44 pm a subject entered the school and began going to different offices and rooms within the school.  The suspect caused damage to various filing cabinets and doors.

Konovsky was arrested on the warrant and transported to the Wichita County jail without incident.

Burglary Victim Discovers Naked Woman Inside Residence

everman, angela 40

Angela Everman

On Monday, December 4th, at approximately 11:30 am officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department were dispatched to the 2100 block of Joline in reference to a burglary in progress.  Upon arrival officers located the victim who was on the front porch arguing with the suspect, 40 year old Angela Everman.

The victim told officers that when they came home they discovered Everman naked inside their residence.  The victim stated that Everman had turned on the gas to the stove and began eating the victim’s food to include cake, a salad, popcorn, a cookie and drank a Pepsi.

Everman spoke with officers and advised them that she broke a window to get into the apartment.  She said once inside she washed her hair and ate some cake, tomatoes, and lettuce. She said the food was already inside the apartment when she entered and she did not pay for it.  She said she had been at the apartment for about two hours but she did not have permission to be inside.  Everman went on to tell officers that she chose the apartment because she remembered it from a long time ago and she knew the lay out.

Officers were able to see signs of forced entry into the residence by way of a window.

Everman was arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail without incident where she was charged with burglary of a habitation.

WFPD Arrest Burglary Suspect Who Stole House Shoes and Cookies

bonner, shawn 37

Shawn Bonner

On Saturday, December 2, at approximately 9:45 pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department were dispatched to the 1000 block of Covington in reference to a burglary of a habitation.  The victim stated that a black male suspect wearing a camouflaged shirt walked into their home and just began picking things up and then walked back out.

When officers arrived they located 37 year old Shawn Bonner in the 1000 block of Covington.  Bonner was wearing a pair of black house shoes and he was in possession of a large bag of cookies and a book of checks. The victim advised that the checks, house shoes and bag of cookies all came from his residence. The victim advised that Bonner did not have consent to enter his home and take his property.

Bonner was arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail without incident where he was charged with burglary of a habitation.

WFPD Arrest Two for Burglary

le, daniel 17

Daniel Le

villagomez, jose 17

Jose Villagomez

On Monday, November 20th, at approximately 9:00 pm officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department were dispatched to the 1300 block of 15th Street in reference to a possible burglary of a habitation in progress.

Upon arrival officers could hear movement coming from inside the residence and observed someone using a flashlight.  Officers located a broken window on the side of the residence and heard someone climbing through it. When officers shined their flashlight on the suspect the suspect began to run. He was quickly caught in the 1500 block of Bluff and was identified as 17 year old Jose Villagomez.

Villagomez stated to officers that he and a friend, 17 year old Daniel Le, broke into the residence by breaking out a window on the side of the residence in order to smoke marijuana. Villagomez stated that Le was inside the residence when he went out the window and ran. Officers located a subject in the 1200 block of 16th Street who identified himself as Daniel Le.

Both, Villagomez and Le, were arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail without incident where they were charged with burglary of a habitation.  Villagomez was also charged with evading.

WFPD Make Multiple Burglary Arrests Over the Weekend

Rodriguez, steven 35

Steven Rodriguez

Brumley, lisa 43

Lisa Brumley

Officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department made multiple burglary arrests over the weekend.

The first occurred on Saturday, October 7th, at approximately 11:15 pm in the 1000 block of Central Freeway at Castaway Cove.  Officers responded to this location in reference to a possible burglary in progress.  Upon arrival they located 35 year old Steven Rodriguez and 43 year old Lisa Brumley inside one of the cabanas.  There was also a pair of bolt cutters located near where they were.  Officers were able to view a security video that showed Rodriguez using the bolt cutters to cut a hole in the fence surrounding the property.  Officers also located a wheelbarrow near the fence where the hole was cut containing a water pump and a pressure washer valued at over $6,000.00.

Both Rodriguez and Brumley were arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail where they were charged with burglary of a business.

palmer, victor 50

Victor Palmer

neal, tammy 48

Tammy Neal

The second burglary occurred on Sunday, October 8th, at approximately 8:00 pm in the 1800 block of 10th Street.  Officers responded to this location in reference to a possible burglary in progress.  Upon arrival they located 50 year old Victor Palmer and 48 year old Tammy Neal.  Palmer advised that the residence belonged to a family member and he came to check on it. He stated that he found the front door unsecured and due to recent burglaries in the area he took a suitcase full of clothing, a vacuum cleaner, a cart of miscellaneous items, two decorative eagles and stereo equipment for safe keeping.

Officers made contact with the home owner and where advised that no one had permission to be in the residence or to take any property.

Both Palmer and Neal were arrested and transported to the Wichita County jail where they were charged with burglary of a habitation.

Car Wash Damage Leads To Arrest

crain 35

Jonathan Crain – 35

On 07-10-17, Officers were dispatched to the Quick & Easy Car Wash, 2305 Kemp, in reference to criminal mischief. Upon arrival, officers discovered severely damaged vacuums and trash scattered on the property (damage was valued at approx $3500). Video surveillance provided a description of the suspect that caused the damage and officers were able to locate him walking in the 2400 blk of Taylor. The suspect was identified as 35 year old Jonathan Crain. Crain was also found to be in possession of various pills in a baggie with no prescription. He was arrested and transported to jail and charged with:

Felony Criminal Mischief o/$2500
Possession of a Controlled Substance PG3 (2 counts)

Water Park Theft Leads to Arrests

On 07-08-17, just after 2pm, officers were dispatched to the Wayfarer Motel, 600 Central Frwy E, in reference to recovering stolen property. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim who stated that earlier in the day he had filed a theft report after his backpack was stolen from Castaway Cove Water Park. The victim stated that his bag contained many items, including 3 cell phones, and that one of the phones was pinging in room 244 at the Wayfarer. Officers were able to make contact with the subjects in room 244 and they matched the description of the theft suspects provided by water park personnel. The suspects were identified as Shawn Kea, age 25, and Kaitlyn Stroud, age 23. Investigation led to the recovery of all of the victim’s property (minus some cash). Both Kea and Stroud were arrested for Felony Theft and transported to jail.