New Horse Unveiled at WFPD

This morning, the Leadership of Wichita Falls Class of 2017 unveiled a new horse in front of the WFPD Police Memorial. The horse honors former Police Chief C.C. “Bud” Daniel and our 7 Fallen Officers.

A huge THANK YOU to Chief Daniel’s daughters, Ann Popejoy and Blenda Britt for making this dedication a reality.

Chief Daniel served as WFPD Chief for over 27 years (August 1949 – March 1977) and, at the time of his retirement, was the longest tenured Chief in Texas.

Lock, Take, & Hide – Don’t Be a Victim

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The Wichita Falls Police Department would like to remind you to please LOCK, TAKE, and HIDE – LOCK your car, TAKE your keys, and HIDE (or remove) your belongings.

Criminals are notorious for targeting unlocked cars that have items such as purses/wallets, electronics, and weapons sitting out in plain view.

LOCK, TAKE, and HIDE only takes a few extra seconds and could save you a lot of money and headache later.

Don’t be a victim!

WFPD Wayback Wednesday

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Sgt. Joe Snyder and Smokey…Sgt. Snyder retired from the WFPD in 2012 after 25 years of service. Smokey served the WFPD for 7 years from 1992-1999. The team of Sgt. Snyder and Smokey held certification with the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) and hosted that organization’s annual conference twice.


If you have any old WFPD pictures in your personal or family library, please email them to with a brief description. We would love to feature them!

Thank You Wichita Falls!


We are truly blessed by your support for us and our mission to serve you well, Wichita Falls. Your encouraging one-one-one conversations; the uplifting notes you leave on our patrol cars; the compliments you send to our department’s leadership; and the meals or drinks you secretly pay for us are all truly appreciated. We understand that we are expected to perform our job for which we are paid. However, there’s nothing more motivating for us, especially when times are difficult, than receiving accolades from those whom we serve.

Thank you, Wichita Falls!

WFPD Family Employee Spotlight

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“WFPD Family” Employee Spotlight

We would like to introduce you to Officer Tristin Dozier!

Officer Dozier is from Iowa Park where he lives with his wife and son.

Officers Dozier has been in law enforcement for 10 years, graduating from the 63rd Wichita Falls Police Academy, and holds an Advanced Peace Officers Certification. Officer Dozier is currently assigned to the Patrol Division (Days B).

Officer Dozier has also served on the Iowa Park Fire Department since 2012.

In his free time he enjoys fishing, cooking, spending time with family & friends and coaching his son’s sports teams.

Officer Dozier says that what he gets most out of being a police officer is getting to be a positive influence on the youth in our community, adding “If in my career, I can or have changed one life for the better, then all the work and effort put forth was worth it to me.”

Thank you Officer Tristin Dozier for your service to our city.