WFPD Family Friday Employee Spotlight

** WFPD Family Friday Employee Spotlight **

We would like to introduce you to Officer Marc Montana!Officer Montana grew up in the far northern Adirondack Mountain region of New York State, which borders Ontario and Quebec, Canada. He joined the US Army – Military Police and served in Operation Desert Storm on the northern border of Saudi Arabia near Iraq and Kuwait. A short time after leaving the Army, Marc joined the Wichita Falls Police Department and graduated from the 49th Wichita Falls Police Academy in 1993.

Officer Montana is currently assigned to City Hall Security Detail under the Community Services Section. Prior to this assignment, he served as a motorcycle officer in the Traffic Unit and as a detective in the Criminal Investigations Division, working in Misdemeanors, Burglary, and the Crimes Against Persons Unit.

Officer Montana was fortunate enough to return to the Motorcycle Unit one last time prior to being transferred City Hall Security Detail.

Thank you Officer Montana for your service to our city! You are a true hero!

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