Packaged Marijuana Seized in a Drug Free Zone

On 07-03-2017, at approximately 1059 hrs, officers were dispatched to the Motel 6 on Central Freeway in reference to a suspicious person near room 220. A tip had come in that a black female was seen putting two large squares of marijuana under the back seat of a black Dodge with a specific license plate.

Officers located the vehicle and found it to be occupied by one black female. As officers were speaking to the female they could smell a strong odor of unburned marijuana emitting from the vehicle. A male, who identified to be 34 year old Jeredy Sills, then walked up to the scene and told officers that he previously smoked marijuana in the car. During the investigation, officers located a large blue Walmart bag in the trunk of the vehicle that had a strong smell of unburned marijuana. Inside of this blue bag officers found 5 vacuumed packed clear plastic bags that all contained a usable amount of a green leafy substance. The blue bag also contained a digital scale, a vacuum sealer, and plastic baggies. The green leafy substance field tested positive for marijuana and weighed a total of 10.645 ounces.

Based on evidence and their investigation, officers were able to link the marijuana to Sills. Sills was arrested for Possession of Marijuana > 4 oz. <= 5 lbs in a Drug Free Zone (Lynwood East Park).


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