Erratic Driving Complaint Leads To Multiple Charges


Antonio Rosales

On 02-17-17, at approx 12:45am, officers responded to the 1600 blk of 14th Street in reference to a suspicious maroon F150 pickup driving recklessly. Dispatched advised that the vehicle was driving through yards and almost struck a house. Upon arrival, officers observed the vehicle spinning its tires in a driveway. They activated their overhead emergency lights in an attempt to make contact with the driver but the suspect vehicle took off at a high rate of speed. A brief pursuit ensued, approx 4 minutes, around the neighborhood with the suspect vehicle eventually returning to the same driveway in which it started. Officers pulled in behind it preventing it from leaving.  The suspect, later identified as 41 year old Antonio Rosales, put the truck in reverse and rammed the police vehicle 3 times as an officer was trying to exit. Other officers were able to approach the suspect vehicle but Rosales would not exit or follow multiple commands. As a result, Rosales was tased and taken into custody. Rosales was charged with the following offenses:

  • Aggravated Assault – Public Servant
  • Evading Arrest/Detention – Vehicle
  • Driving While Intoxicated

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