Man Arrested for Evading and Resisting Arrest


Rodney Tate – 34

On 01-18-17, at approx 5:40pm, a WFPD officer attempted to stop black Nissan Rogue for a traffic offense in the 3600 Blk of Maplewood. Once positioned behind the offender vehicle, the officer observed the driver, later identified as 34 year old Rodney Tate, looking at him through his rear view and driver’s side mirrors. Once the traffic light at Maplewood/Lawrence turned green and just before the officer activated his vehicle’s overhead emergency lights, Tate threw his hands up in the vehicle while looking at the officer through his mirror. With light’s activated, the officer attempted to stop the vehicle but Tate continued to drive south on Lawrence by-passing several safe places to stop.  As Tate turned on to Callfield, the officer activated his siren to further signal for Tate to pull over. Tate continued driving on Callfield again by-passing several safe places to stop.

Tate finally stopped in the parking lot of 4114 Callfield, over 1 mile from where the officer initially tried to stop the vehicle.  Upon stopping, Tate exited his vehicle and quickly approached the officer’s vehicle.  The officer exited his vehicle and told Tate to return to his vehicle.  Tate did not comply.  Tate kicked off his shoes and clenched his fists and continued to approach the officer in a fighting stance.  The officer, after taking several steps back to avoid a confrontation, told Tate to get on the ground but he still refused to comply.  Instead, he took another step towards the officer.  The officer continued to give verbal commands and when Tate continually refused to comply, the officer deployed his taser and was able to take Tate in to custody without further incident.

Tate was taken to taken to jail and charged with Evading Arrest and Resisting Arrest.

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