Have a safe and happy New Year!



Please celebrate the New Year safely and responsibly: The consequences of drunk driving are devastating. If you do drink, please have a designated driver or just don’t drink and drive.  Try to avoid being on the road between the hours of 8pm – 2am. Auto accidents due to alcohol consumption are the highest during that time. Take the keys if you have a friend who is too drunk to get behind the wheel. Help your friend with a ride home. Watch out for intoxicated pedestrians or bicyclists.

Be careful with what you’re sharing on social media. If you are hosting a party make sure your guests have a designated driver or a way to take them home from your party.

You’ll hear about it — someone shooting guns into the air. Firing weapons in the air is a violation of the law.  Keep your pets inside or away from fireworks and other loud noises.  Have a happy and safe New Year!

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