Local man arrested for Meth possession.


On 12-28-16 at approximately 2 pm, officers received information that there was a B/M in possession of a large amount of narcotics.  The suspect vehicle, a white SUV was parked in a handicapped parking space of a nearby store. .   An officer located the white SUV parked in the parking lot of a convenience store on North Beverly.  The vehicle left the parking lot a short time later.  The observing officer attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle at Borton and Amber at which time the vehicle sped away as the driver was throwing the narcotics out of the vehicle. Eventually the vehicle was stopped in the 1100 blk of Amber and the driver detained.  The driver of the vehicle was identified as Medro Davis.  He was placed under arrest at the scene for driving with a suspended license.  The recovered bags of narcotics were identified as Methamphetamine and weight approximately 13 grams total.  Davis was also charged with Evading and Possession of Methamphetamine.


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