WFPD Honors Women’s History Month


Lt. Ginger Gilmore

Lt. Ginger Gilmore was born and raised in Wichita Falls. She joined the Wichita Falls Police Department in November of 1991. She was the first female officer of the WFPD to earn the marksmanship award.

Lt. Gilmore was promoted to Sgt. in 2003, and to Lt. in 2013. She has served in Patrol and the Criminal Investigation Section with the Juvenile Unit. She is currently the Lt. in the Office of Professional Conduct.  She has served as a Field Training Officer, an Honor Guard, and has spent several years on the Patsy’s House CAC Board of Directors.

Lt. Gilmore has earned two Letters of Commendation, the Police Excellence award and the Civic Achievement award. She holds a Master Peace Officer certificate.

“I initially became an officer because I needed a job, but I was lucky enough to end up with a very challenging, rewarding career. Over the course of my career, I’ve had some pretty humorous reactions about being a female officer. I’ve been asked, “You drive around in a real police car? By yourself? At night? Aren’t you scared!?” On a burglar alarm call, an elderly lady asked me if I was going to bring a “man” officer with me. Dry cleaner employees have asked me if my husband was an officer when I dropped off my uniforms. The best was a man who asked me why my badge wasn’t pink! I just laugh and don’t take it personally!”

“I’m proud to be an officer for the WFPD. Every officer on this Department has different skills and strengths, and together we form a great team. Even in the current negative atmosphere regarding police, the officers of our Department have maintained their dedication and professionalism. Our community has shown us tremendous support, for which I’m very grateful.”

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.

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