Board game teaches dangers of drug use.


sheppardRecently the 6th grade students at Sheppard Elementary School completed the 6 week game entitled “It’s Party Time and it’s no game!”  Each week of the game represents one month in the life of an addict.  The students divided into 6 teams each representing a person with an addiction to Meth, Marijuana, prescription pills, alcohol, tobacco or is just a non-user.   Each  team had to work together to manage a budget that includes what type of  house they live in, kind of car they own, type of leisure activities they enjoy plus daily living expenses. The teams then deducted these expenses from their monthly budget.   They attempt to maintain their chosen lifestyle while experiencing the consequences of their specific drug of choice.   Each roll of the dice gave the teams the opportunity to land on a good or bad consequence of their chosen addiction.

The facilitator has multiple teachable moments with the class. And because the children are in game mode, they are very open to discuss the issues that their user lifestyle presents. This is the true power of the curriculum.  It teaches students the financial, social and health consequences of using tobacco, drugs and alcohol. It’s a simulator in the form of a board game. It’s AWESOME.


2 comments on “Board game teaches dangers of drug use.

  1. I can see this as being a very useful tool in every grade,even college every year. Can also see this being used in every business that hires people under 40. The more people that can be reminded of the REAL out come the better off we all can be.

  2. Great tool for real life! I went through something similar when I worked for a non-profit organization; it was an eye-opening experience!

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