WFPD Honors Women’s History Month


Cindy Casillas, Ashley Davin, and Heather Zimny are all recruits in the 69th WFPD Police Academy.

Recruit Casillas was born and raised in Wichita Falls and graduated from WFHS.  She also graduated from the WFPD Citizen Police Academy in December of 2015.  Her hobbies include working out with friends and playing with her children.  Upon graduation, she looks forward to being a role model and making a difference.

Recruit Davin was born in Kansas and graduated from Shawnee Heights High School.  She has served in the Air National Guard since 2007 and has been deployed 3 times.  Her hobbies include hunting and fishing and she is a huge Kansas Basketball fan.  Recruit Davin has wanted to be a police officer since she was in the 5th grade.

Recruit Zimny has been in Wichita Falls since elementary school.  She is a graduate of Rider High School and has a Masters degree from Midwestern State University.  She is married with 3 children and has a grandchild on the way.  Prior to pursuing a career in law enforcement, Recruit Zimny was a teacher in the WFISD for 11 years.  She looks forward to being a police officer so she can be a positive role model for her kids, her former students, and other young people in the community.

The 69th WFPD Police Academy is scheduled to graduate in August 2016.

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