WFPD Warns of Possible Door to Door Scam


Detectives with the Wichita Falls Police Department are currently investigating a possible scam they may be taking place here in our City and the surrounding area.

The WFPD has received information that a white male (approximately 27 years of age) and a white female (approximately 25 years of age) are possibly going to door to door in neighborhoods in an attempt to scam residents out of cash. The male and female may be accompanied by a small white female child (less than 6 years of age).

Initial information indicates that members of the group will knock on doors and solicit the residents to buy items out of a brochure. The group will take the order and then take cash payment for the order, without the intent of ever providing the ordered merchandise to the customer.

The group has operated under the cover of a PTA fundraiser in the past, but their tactics may have adapted now that school is no longer in session. In the past, suspects have solicited victims to buy candy, nuts, popcorn, etc. If someone approaches you soliciting payment for future services, please do not hesitate to ask questions.  If they are legitimate they will be able to provide the proper answers and credentials.

Be especially cautious of new charities that spring up after natural disasters or around the holidays. Both occasions bring out the generosity in all of us as well as the greediness of scammers.

Be careful of donations for police and firefighters. Many scammers pretend to be collecting for these groups. Check with the local police or fire departments before your give away your money. Be aware of the scammer’s favorite trick, the “sound alike” charity. Scammers are clever when it comes to inventing names for nonexistent charities that sound remarkably similar to real charities.

If you believe you may have been a victim of this scam or a similar scam, please make a report with your local law enforcement agency. It is imperative that victims report such a crime, even if the dollar amount stolen is relatively small.

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