Local Mail Thefts on the Rise


The Financial Crimes Unit has once again seen an increase in reports related to mail theft, we wanted to alert the public especially since its the first of the month not to leave unattended mail such as checks in unsecured outgoing mail (mailboxes). It has come to our attention that suspects are targeting the disabled, elderly and home bound to exploit. The suspects know that these victims rely heavily on the postal system to deliver check payments for their monthly living expenses. The suspects prey on and choose these victims for mail theft. We recommend that victims have their check books and credit cards sent to their bank to be picked up by a trusted representative in a secure environment. We ask that the public become aware of the recent mail theft and take precautions to protect themselves. The financial crimes unit is working with banks, department stores and check cashing businesses in an effort to identify persons involved, and are seeking leads in these cases. The United States Postal Inspection Service is assisting in the investigation. If you have any information regarding these mail thefts, please call Detective Tony Ramirez at 940-761-7776 or Crime Stoppers at 940-322-9888.

One comment on “Local Mail Thefts on the Rise

  1. I have a locked mailbox for this reason. My mailman stuffs my mail into my locked mailbox with half of my mail sticking out the top.

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