Multiple Charges for Erratic Driver


On 5/9/15 at approx. 1926 hrs. Officers were waived over near Grant and Ave. Q in reference to a motorcycle that was driving through the area at a high rate of speed. Officers located the motorcycle occupied by one person stopped on Kell Blvd. The driver observed Officers and took off at a high rate of speed and was driving very erratic. The driver pulled into a driveway in the 2700 block of Baltimore and Officers activitated their overhead lights to initiate a traffic stop. The driver attempted to take off again but couldn’t get the motorcycle into gear, he then began kicking his feet to move the motorcycle. He then dropped the bike and took off running. While running from Officers the suspect dropped a handgun and was subsequently taken to the ground by Officers. After a brief struggle Officers were able to get him in custody. The driver was identified as Matthew Lawrence, 24 y/o w/m. Inside the backpack that Lawrence was wearing Officers located 220 grams of methamphetamine. Lawrence was arrested for the above charges and is currently being held in the Wichita County Jail.

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