WFPD Awards Ceremony


WFPD held an awards ceremony today to recognize several citizens and numerous Officers with awards. Here are a list of those receiving awards:

Letter of Appreciation (Civilian)

Nick Alread

Bennett Lifland

Carl Wiersema

Certificate of Life Saving and Bar

Officer Jacob Blashill

Officer Tyler Bohannon

Certificate of Meritorious Conduct and Bar

Officer Chad Nelson

Officer Michael Poirot

Officer Scott Poole

Certificate of Merit and Bar

Sergeant Johnathan Spragins

Lieutenant Scott Vaughn

Officer Matthew Bailey

Officer Colby Preston

Certificate of Merit (Civilian)

Dr. Josh Schacter

Certificate of Police Excellence and Bar

Officer Mario Avitia

Officer William Burchett

Officer Patricia Duncan

Officer Michael Fincannon

Officer John Gordon

Officer James Jackson

Officer Karl King

Officer Jason Leavelle

Officer Christopher McDowell

Officer Marc Montana

Officer Tony Ramirez

Officer Charles Roberts

Officer Brett Wise

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