Car Burglar Caught in the Act!

FotorCreated (11)WFPD Patrol Officers responded to the 1100 Blk Ridgeway on 04-08-15 at approximately 02:30 am in reference to a vehicle burglary in progress. Upon arrival, Officers found a subject in a vehicle rummaging through the center console and glove box without the owner’s consent. Upon arrest, Officers found that the subject had a car stereo stuffed in the front of his pants that was not from the vehicle he was found in. Other Officers began checking the area for other vehicle burglaries.  Just a few houses away, they located an open vehicle that was missing its stereo.  They made contact with the owner of that vehicle who described the stereo that was found with the suspect. The arrested subject was identified as Christopher Wofford (age 28, DOB 06-22-1986).  He was transported to jail and charged with two counts of Burglary of a Vehicle.

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