Officer Chesar Named City of Wichita Falls Employee of the Month


Officer John Chesar began his career with the Wichita Falls Police Department in March of 2012. He is currently assigned to Day Shift Patrol where he is permanently assigned to the Southside beat. Officer Chesar is a hard worker who exhibits a professional demeanor at all times.Officer Chesar does an outstanding job of working with his beat partner and other officers to arrest drug offenders on his beat and sets a great example for others to emulate. Earlier this year, Officer Chesar apprehended a robbery suspect from the General Store on Brook street and helped the Department clear several related robbery cases involving the same suspect. During his short time with the Police Department, Officer Chesar has earned the Fitness Bar and has been awarded a Life Saving Bar and Certificate. Officer Chesar served his country for 10 years in the United States Air Force before joining the Police Department. Officer Chesar is married to Tosha and they have 4 children. Officer Chesar enjoys watching his children participate in sporting events in his off time. Officer Chesar also enjoys hunting in the outdoors and listening to music. Officer John Chesar is an outstanding representative of Day Shift Patrol and the Wichita Falls Police Department.

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