Crimes Against Children Yields 2 Arrests

arrest 14-081657

Debra Parks-Hogan and Debra Hayes were arrested on warrants yesterday for an incident that occurred on 7/27/14. The teenage victim reported that her mother, Debra Hogan, took food that was provided for her and her brother by her older sister. The victim confronted Hogan about the food and Hogan’s girlfriend, Debra Hayes, came into the room and began to assault her. During the assault Hayes attempted to put the victim into a bathtub that was full of water and bleach to “get the demon out of her”. The victim stated that during this assault Hogan was telling Hayes to kill the victim. After the assault Hogan and Hayes left the apartment and had not been heard from since. Victims were left alone in the apartment with no finances or food to eat. After a thorough investigation by WFPD Detectives warrants were issued for Hogan and Hayes. They were both located yesterday in an alley and arrested for those warrants. Hayes was found to have marijuana on her person during the arrest. They are both currently being held in the Wichita County Jail.

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