Suspects Caught Unloading Stolen Merchandise and Arrested


On 11/14/14, at approximately 0331 hrs, a WFPD Patrol Officer observed suspicious activity taking place in the 1900 Blk of 10th street.  The officer saw a white male, later identified as Joshua Edmondson, removing items a white van.  The items appeared new and some of them still had the black spider alarm systems attached.  As the officer approached the vehicle, Edmondson dropped the items and ran into a nearby apartment.  There were three other subjects and more packages found in the van.  The subjects were identified as Jacqueline Potts-Edmondson, Stephen Collier, and Morris Knott. These three subjects were detained as officers gathered more information.  During the investigation, it was learned that the van matched the description of a van that had pulled up the fire door of Walmart on Lawrence during an earlier theft.  All items found with the van were matched to items that were stolen from Walmart. All four subjects were arrested for theft and the vehicle was impounded for seizure as Edmondson had three previous convictions.  Edmondson was also charged with evading arrest.

Great work!

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