WFPD Retirement and Awards Ceremony


Today the Wichita Falls Police Department held a Retirement and Awards Ceremony.

Officer Logan Riley was awarded the Life Saving Certificate and Bar.  On 4/19/14 Officer Riley responded to a report of a female victim who was unresponsive. Officer Riley quickly assessed the female and started CPR.  After a few rounds of CPR the victim took a big breath and began to breathe on her own. After being transported to the hospital it was determined the female suffered a diabetic coma and stopped breathing. Through the efforts of Officer Riley the female was expected to make a full recover.

Valerie “Penny” Rhodes , Public Safety Dispatcher Retiree. Penny was employed as a dispatcher with the WFPD from 3/8/89-6/30/14, serving 25 yrs and 3 months.

Officer Tony Fox, Police Officer Retiree. Officer Fox was employed as a WFPD Officer from 8/22/89-8/31/14, serving 25 yrs and 9 days.

Officer David Hoard, Police Officer Retiree. Officer Hoard was employed as a WFPD Officer from 5/12/76-4/15/77 and again 8/27/90-8/31/14, serving 25 yrs and 1 month.

Officer Douglas Tidwell, Police Officer Retiree. Officer Tidwell was employed as a WFPD Officer from 6/13/88-4/30/14, serving 25 yrs and 10 months.

Congratulations to Officer Riley on his award and congratulations to Penny, Officer Fox, Officer Hoard and Officer Tidwell on their retirements. Enjoy!


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